Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Wrap

For many November is all about Thanksgiving, but in our house, with so many gifts needing to be in the mail the first week of December, it is also about getting things done for Christmas. Plus, to be truthful, I like having all my shopping, crafting, and shipping done by the end of this month.

The past couple years I have been looking hard at my thoughts and ideas about Christmas. Particularly the gift giving and the wrapping. Accepting the fact that I was raised with impossibly high standards that were sucking the fun out of it I decided to start over. (One credo was that you must never be able to see the tape, and ribbons and bows must be used in a plethora of abundance that overwhelms.)

In starting over I discovered a few things:

1. Costco has the best deal for me on wrap because you get this huge thick roll that is double sided at a very reasonable price. It may not be the cheapest, but it is a great help for me.

2. I like making my own ribbons with that wired ribbon. Costco's price in the past couple years has even beat the after Christmas sale when comparing yard to yard. These ribbons are beautiful, creative, and last wonderfully from one year to the next. They make me very happy so it is worth it to me.

3. I love furoshiki! (The link shows you some different ways to wrap with it). It is basically a square of cloth where you put your present in the middle, fold in 2 opposite corners, then fold in the other opposite corners, tying a neat knot. I always keep my eye out at the quilting store for fabric this time of year and try to add some new ones each year, yes the quilting store, the fabric is thicker so it holds up better and is harder to see through. If you buy a yard and a quarter you have a large square that you can then cut into 4 squares. A quick hem around the edge and you are done. Once your present is wrapped you can always add some ribbon. This is my favorite way to wrap books! It lasts beautifully year to year.

These 3 things compose the bulk of my gift wrap stash. I do have a lot of gift bags that were given to us, or I collected when we traveled at Christmas, but I am not really a fan, and I most often use these to give gifts outside our home.

The thing that has been the biggest learning curve for me has been gift tags. I was raised that you had to have the fanciest ones and that you had to write a LONG message on each one.

Yeah, not so much.

I like the sticker ones a lot, and we do have some fancy ones that we just reuse year to year because they basically just say to and from.

I have made some of my own, but my favorite make it yourself ones are the ones I print and the girls color - they may not be fancy, but they are made with lots of love.

Here are a couple links I will be using this year:

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Print and Color Christmas Gift Tags

coloring bookmarks for christmas tag craft

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What are your secret weapons in your Christmas wrap stash? Do you have other links for colored tags?


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Those are some great ideas! I don't go to Costco because it's too far away, but I get all my gift wrap for the next year at after-Christmas clearance sales. Sears is my favorite: they have beautiful papers at 90% off a few weeks later. Sometimes I pick some up at thrift stores as well, and I buy almost all my ribbon there.

I have to say I'm a pretty lazy wrapper. I hardly ever use tags and bows are optional for me. I love to wrap up a pretty package but I don't always bother. Luckily my family has no standards like that!

Mica said...

Mrs. Pear you were drawn for the Scrappy Fabric Give Away from my blog!!! Congrats!!! Please e-mail me at and leave me your address so i can ship it out to you next week. Have a blessed weekend!!! Mica/The Child's paper

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